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Redefine Your Health.
Reinvent Your Future.


You don't feel well and you just want a long term solution.

You want to be heard by your doctor, and treat the underlying cause of your symptoms.

You want to allow your body to heal, and improve your health for the long term.


The body is like an onion; with a core surround by layers that develop over time. Each layer represents a symptom and each layer reveals itself in a particular order. To restore wellness, the core of the onion must be identified and each layer must be addressed from the outside inward. This process is partnered with comprehensive patient education to give you the tools you need

to not only improve your current health, but maintain it. 

Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD offers two options to assist you in your health turnaround: 


Medical services

Medical Services with Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD

Concierge Medicine Yearly Membership fee includes: 

A Comprehensive Wellness Intake 

Diagnostic Testing Customized to you 

Detailed, Personalized Treatment Plans

Follow-up Appointments Included

Medication and Supplementation Management 

Corresponding care communications 

Acute and Chronic Care

Integrated Healthcare customized to your needs

Private Portal for email & medical records 

Exclusive access to Dr. Pingel 7 days/week

Limited patient base - No rushed appointments

Clock and Plant

Want some one-on-one time to pick Dr. Pingel's Brain? 


In these appointments, you have Dr. Pingel's complete attention. Each consult is customized to your unique situation. 

Some examples of what Dr. Pingel can assist with during your time together are: 

Helping you understand recent lab work results 

Assisting in developing a holistic plan for wellness 

Guiding you on questions to ask your doctor

Discussing the Naturopathic approach to conditions/symptoms

Educating on supplements and nutrition 

Incorporating mind-body element into health routine

and more! 

VIRTUAl health

About Dr. Tricia Pingel, NMD
LICENSED Naturopathic physician


I am a firm believer in the principle of "doctor as teacher" and happily take the time to explain your lab work, origin of your symptoms and details of recommended therapy. I will listen to your health concerns and am committed to helping you achieve optimum health by providing highly individualized care. No two patients are the same, so why should their healthcare be? 

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