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Redefine Your Health.

Reinvent Your Future.

Our Story

At Pingel Progressive Medicine, we believe that the body is like an onion; with a core surround by layers that develop over time. Each layer represents a symptom and each layer reveals itself in a particular order.

We believe that in order to restore wellness, the core of the onion must be identified and each layer must be addressed from the outside inward. 


By approaching healing in this manner, in stages, it results in each symptom “peeling away” and revealing the next layer of symptom development by the body. As each layer disappears, symptoms resolve, true healing begins, and future disease is prevented. 

We are thrilled to announce that PPM has joined forces with Dr. Stephanie Gajus, NMD,  to provide you with continuous and reliable naturopathic health care. Dr. Gajus has been sharing space with us for 10 years. In fact, you have likely met her or interacted with her! In addition to the great medical care and services you've come to expect from us, Dr. Gajus brings a wealth of valuable skills to take your health to the next level.

Why Naturopathy?

It can help with:


Digestive Health 

Women's Health

Men's Health

Autoimmune Diseases

& so much more... Learn more about the other services we offer

Our Team


Naturopathic Concierge Medicine


Naturopathic internal medicine

Sports Medicine

Check out Dr. Pingel's Private Supplement Line! 


What Our Patients

Are Saying

Pingel Progressive Medicine has been my rock for many years and will continue to be my go to for keeping my health and sanity!Through PPM I have had a proper health guide to lead me along the path to repair my thyroid, adrenals and hormones. They understand that optimal health (my goal to achieve and maintain!) is a journey and they have been there every step of the way to support me, answer questions, tweak protocols for better results etc. The staff has always really listened to all of my concerns, the receptionist has always been friendly and prompt to return calls and answer questions and I have always felt comfortable in their offices. They aren't cold like a conventional doctor's office, but warm and inviting. Highly recommend!

- Alex C.

Dr. Pingel

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