services and care options

common conditions treated and services offered: 

Dr. Pingel has two options for care, to fit your budget. 


Concierge Medical Services

Comprehensive individualized health care management with Dr. Pingel as your naturopathic physician for an annual fee.


Fee includes: 

1. Unlimited Appointments

2. Direct Private Communication w/ Dr Pingel - 7 days a week

3. Priority Appointments (in-person or virtual options)

4. Customized Evaluation and Treatment Plans that fit your needs with follow-up plans.

5. Discounts on certain services, supplements, programs


Total Health Turnaround Program

30 day at home program developed by Dr. Pingel to help you get a jumpstart on your health goals. 

Program includes: 

  • The Total Health Turnaround Program Health Education Guide

  • The Total Health Turnaround Cookbook

  • The Total Health Turnaround Journal

  • Video lessons featuring education and advice from Dr. Pingel

  • Membership to a private community to provide support and motivation

  • Daily tips to help keep you on track and on the path to health

Which option is best for you? 

Concierge Services are best for those who: 

1. Are looking for a dedicated naturopathic physician

2. Have a healthy budget for out of pocket health care needs 

3. Require more flexible access to their physician due to schedules or lifestyle needs 

4. Are located in Arizona or can easily travel to Arizona once per year. 

*some states have restrictions on services that can be provided. Please inquire for more details if located outside of Arizona. 

THT Program is best for those who: 

1. Are looking for education and healthcare tools to improve your health and maintain it

2. Have a limited budget for health care needs 

3. Have a primary physician to work with as you need services via insurance

4. Are located anywhere in the world

5. Are looking to learn more about how their body works, how to eat healthy and a step by step program to accomplish health goals.