Services & Pricing

Dr. Stephanie Gajus

Your first visit to the wellness center involves a detailed intake of your health history, listening to your concerns and addressing each aspect of your health. Approximate length 45-60 minutes. 

Starting at $295

Follow-up Consultations

Follow-up Office Visit by

Phone, Video or In Person

Discuss labs, review supplements,  medications and more! 

Starting at $70

Concierge Medicine

 Concierge medicine is a relationship between doctor and patient and it needs to be a good fit for both parties.

Dr. Tricia Pingel: Call for Pricing

Our Services

Pingel Progressive Medicine offers a variety of family healthcare services and treats a wide range of medical conditions.

Our physicians have extensive experience in knowledge in the following conditions, symptoms and therapies. 

Specialty Testing

  • Comprehensive Stool Testing

  • Lipoprotein Testing/ Cardiovascular Risk 

  • & more...